ARBOR Movie Premiere

10. 08. 2017 / 12:20

HIGHLIGHT: Am Samstag Abend findet die Movie-Premiere von "COSA NOSTRA" von ARBOR SNOWBOARDS im Dorfpub in Neustift statt.

Before the after shred party on saturday night starts in the Dorfpub in Neustift, we do have another highlight for you:
The premiere of ARBOR SNOWBOARDS first full length movie "COSA NOSTRA". You can watch the teaser HERE

You can see following top riders:
  • Bryan Iguchi
  • Mark Carter
  • Marie-Franc Roy
  • Frank April
  • Scotty Vine
  • Erik Leon
  • Ian Sams
  • Cam Fitzpatrick
  • Atsushi Hasegawa
  • Charles Reid

There will also some ARBOR team rider at the premiere: 
  • Emil Ulsletten
  • Mario Wanger
  • Niek Van Der Velden
So don't miss your chance to see them riding and giving them a high five afterwards at the party. 

Arbor Snowboards :: Cosa Nostra Teaser from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.