DC Stubai Zoo - The Debate 2018

20. 08. 2018 / 11:01

2 parties - 2 set ups – YOUR decision!

This year, the DC Stubai Zoo will be renovated.

That is why 2 teams of pro´s (snowboard & freeski) are going to sit together this Monday, August 20th, in Innsbruck..

Debate? Parties? What?

The candidates will form 2 Parties, who go all in and fight for the win of their set-up ideas. But in the end it will be YOUR decision which set-up is going to be realized and premiered at Stubai Premiere 2018 October 19th – 21st.

Let us now announce the candidates of ´The Debate 2018´

For the SNBP (Snowboarding Party) we introduce you to Benny Urban, Ethan Morgan and Lorenzo Peeters.

Will these three guys be able to convince you of their new set-up idea?

The FSP (Free Ski Party) goes into action with Laura Wallner, Dennis Ranalter and Christof Schenk.

They are absolutely ready for the showdown!


Both parties will work on different set-up ideas guided by Schneestern's CEO Dirk Scheumann. Afterwards the “tv duel hosted by Henry Jackson“ will be LIVE on Instagram (@stubaizoo) on August 20th at 4.30pm  where you´ll be able to see first insights of both set-ups and be part of the debate by asking questions to the candidates.

Cool, cool and what´s next?

The Election begins on August 26th, where you can vote for your favorite set-up, which will be realized just in time for the 10th anniversary of the Stubai premiere.


Hard Facts:

08/20/18:  4.30pm TV duel hosted by Henry Jackson via @stubaizoo Instagram Live

08/26/18 – 09/02/18: Voting on the DC Stubai Zoo Facebook channel

10/19/18: Release of the new DC Stubai Zoo set-up on the Stubai Premiere 2018