Red Bull Thre3style Champ Austria 2016 - BUSY FINGAZ - confirmed

20. 09. 2018 / 17:17

Straight outta Innsbruck into the world and back now in the beautiful Tyrol. This world famous man will be our headliner known as „Busy Fingaz“ on Saturday evening at the Dorfpub in Neustift…

How hard can one go?

With his crew WAX WRECKAZ he produces songs that appear on the hype labels of this planet and he knows how to bring europes clubs to boil with bass-focused mixture of Hip Hop and Electro with Jamaica vibes. 2016 he was crowned the Red Bull Thre3style National Champ of Austria.


We are talking about „Busy Fingaz“ who was founder oft he WAX WRECKAZ out of Tyrol. Where usually cows, hikers and skiers rule the world, he makes the Turn Up real!

Equipped with quick fingers at the turn table, a 90s Hip Hop socialisation and a big load of humor he goes from 0 to 100 – real quick, real fuckin‘ quick.