Apropos of nothing...the side events

Year after year the Stubai Zoo makes sure that all the snowboarders and freeskiers get pleased to the max. And that's why you can expect the most for the upcoming Stubai Premiere 2016. Next to wild parties and the Brandsaloon, a lot of fun side events will take place at the Stubai glacier. Traditionally, all side events are for free, but still you can win tons of goodies. Whether you’re a beginner, an amateur or a pro: when the Stubai Zoo opening is on, fun for everyone is guaranteed.

This year you can look forward to:

DC Best Line „hosted by Sebbe de Buck“

Saturday, 22nd October – 11.30 am 

Spot: Parkbase

No registration needed

DC Best Line “hosted by Sebbe de Buck”…basically the name says it all. In two heats you will fight for the best line. Judging will be undertaking each time by the other heat. But with a little adjustment… Sebbe de Buck will have the final call. As the “head judge” he has some extra points and can pick out his favorite riders. The best snowboarders will get some nice goodies from DC Snowboarding and even on top an EX-FR 100 outdoor cam from Casio.

Horsefeathers Hit the tank 

Saturday, 22nd October – 02.00 pm

Spot: Brandsaloon

No registration needed

Which tricks can you pull out of the hat, when we set up our beloved double kinked tank as a down-flat-down in the Stubai Zoo? Exactly this is the question, you have to answer to at “Hit the Tank” an open jam session by Horsefeathers. The guys from Horsefeathers will reward your efforts with countless goodies. So, try your best and “hit the tank!”

Roxy Yoga Session

Saturday, 22nd October - 05.00 - 07.00 pm & 07.00 - 10.00 pm (Spa)

Spot: tbc

Registration via Facebook

Attention ladies…like last year we have planned something special for you. 15 lucky girls will get the chance to be a part of the Roxy yoga session. Yoga and wellness, the perfect balance after a full day of shredding. We will hire a professional yoga coach and she will show you how to balance body and soul and develop a new physical feeling. Afterwards you will get the chance to explore the wellness area in one of our partner hotels. 

Experience the perfect combination of snowboard, yoga and wellness. Registration via facebook…stay tuned!

„Jib the Lip by Lib Tech“

Saturday, 23rd October – 11.30 am

Spot: Parkbase

No registration needed

Rails, Boxes, Jibbing... that is exactly your thing? Well, then we could not have a better side event for you then “Jib the Lip by Lib Tech”. All freeskier and snowboarders who are into jibbing get the chance to show their skills at the Stubai Zoo. How good you are will be decided by some of the Lib Tech team riders, but they will not only judge you, but also hand out tons of goodies by Lip Tech.

Casio EX-FR 100 Photo Challange

Saturday, 22nd October & Sunday, 23rd October

Spot: Brandsaloon

Registration via Facebook

You love to film your own edits, or you always wanted to become a reporter? Well, we can do both for you. What you need to do is apply at our facebook page and come to the Stubai Premiere. Together with Casio and their brand new outdoor cam EX-FR 100 will give ten (five per day) pre-selected Stubai Zoo fans the chance to report from the Stubai Premiere 2016. In order to fulfill your duty as a Reporter you will get from us a EX-FR 100 and just point the camera at everything that happens at the Stubai Premiere 2016. Afterwards just post your best pictures on facebook and we will choose the gallery of the day (sat. & sun.). The best gallery wins one of the new outdoor cams by Casio. How to be a part of it? Just stay tuned and we will release some more information on facebook shortly.

Lady laps by Klaudia Medlova & Horsefeathers 

Saturday, 22nd October -12.00 Noon

Spot: Brandsaloon

No registration needed

Well, this is for all the ladies who always wanted to “shred” with a real pro. Horsefeathers will bring their newest global team rider Klaudia Medlova to the Stubai Premiere 2016 and all female snowboarders will get the chance to ride a few laps with her. Of course Klaudia will help in words and deed when it comes to improving your riding skills. But be aware we only have a few “seats” left”…first come, first served.

Movie Premiere „The weather out there is weather“

Friday, 21st October – 10:30 pm

Spot: Dorfpub

Watch out kids, we got a new movie for ya. This year we are proudly presenting the new flick “The weather out there is weather” from Think Thank. This is the perfect movie for everyone who wants to see a good portion of snowboarding. Sponsors like Lib Tech, Sessions, DWD and Coal guarantee it.

Movie Premiere „Full Moon“

Saturday, 22nd October – 10.30 pm

Spot: Dorfpub

Together with Roxy and Runaway Films we want to invite you, to see the female side of snowboarding. The new flick “Full Moon” will show you that it is not only the guys who shred hard, but also the girls. So fasten your seatbelts and follow the best females snowboarders when they traveling the globe for the perfect snow.

Check the trailer::