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LINE SKIS Brandweek Raffle

-english below-

Die Stubai Premiere ist gecancelt, aber unsere Brandweek nicht :)

Diese Woche dürfen wir zusammen mit Line Skis den brandneuen Blade Ski verlosen!

Die Verlosung findet wie immer über unseren Instagram Account - @stubaizoo - statt. Ihr findet alle benötigten Infos zur Teilnahme unter unserem Line Ski Post in unserem Feed.

Mitmachen lohnt sich!!


The Stubai Premiere is cancelled, but our brand week raffle isn´t :)

This week we can raffle the brand new Blade Ski together with Line Skis!

The raffle will take place as always via our Instagram Account - @stubaizoo -. You will find all necessary information for participation under our Line Ski Post in our feed.

Taking part is soooo worth it!


Created to carve, cut, slash, and burn, the award-winning LINE Blade will reignite the euphoria of the turn, leave only deep cut trenches in its wake, and a sh*t eating grin on your face. Featuring a versatile 95mm waist width, a massive shovel, and Gas Pedal Metal technology, the Blade is an aggressive and agile all-mountain charger that will allow you to carve, slash, drift, and power through turns like never before. 

The LINE Blade is a metal laminate freeride ski. It’s no secret that Lines roots go deep into the freestyle skiing scene, and those roots will never change, but you can’t ski park forever. One day, you might wake up and realize you want a ski that can make the entire mountain your playground, a ski that allows you to rip down normal groomers as you’ve never done before. Instead of bending your blends all day long, you want to turn and burn your way around the mountain or slash and slarve through the fresh snow that fell overnight. That’s where the Blade comes into play.

It’s not your typical boring metal laminate freeride ski. It’s designed with a LINE flair, and you know we always keep skiing #Morefunner.

Due to the unique shape and longer effective edge, the Blade skis about 5cm longer than the numbers read. When choosing your size, we recommend sizing down from what you would typically ski.

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